Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order my prescription early or get extra? 

We can’t do prescriptions early or give you more just in case - the pharmacies are struggling already. If you are self-isolating, we encourage you to order medications online if you have internet and if you don’t, please call us.

2. Can I order an inhaler even if I haven't had one recently?

We can’t give you an inhaler even though you had one 5 years ago when you had a bad cough - just in case - we know it’s scary but lots of people really really need these inhalers and if you get one just in case they might not be able to get one that they really need!

3. How long will my prescription take? 

Currently prescriptions will take around 5 working days due to how busy the practice is and pharmacy pressures, so please allow for this. If an item you have ordered is out of stock then you pharmacy will let the GP know and find you an alternative, this will take an extra 3 working days. 

4. Can I get my medication delivered?

Unfortunately the pharmacies cannot deliver your medication to you as they are already at capacity with deliveries. If you cannot collect them from the pharmacy as you are self-isolating, then ask a neighbour, friend or check local community webpages to see if anyone can do this for you. 

3. Should I be self-isolating?

We can’t advise you whether you should or shouldn’t self-isolate if you are at risk - we have over 8000 patients - please follow the guidance we know it’s not perfect, but we don’t have anything else we can tell you. 

Please follow this link to see what you should do if you think you need to self-isolate:

4. Can you provide me with a sick note for my employer?

We understand that patients may need sick notes but when dealing with sick patients and reduced staffing levels this will not be a prority. Patients can self certify for 7 days under current regulations and beyond this will require a sick note. Please contact your employer in the first instance to see if they truly need a sick note as we are already getting a lot of requests for short sick notes. 

We are NOT able to provide sick notes for people who are self isolating or isolating as part of a family group so please do not ask us for one. Please use this link to get an isolation note:

5. What are you classing as non-urgent routine appointments?

The practice has made a decision not to undettake any non-urgent work as the clinicians try to deal with patients affected by the outbreak and those patients requiring urgent assistance that is not virus related. This includes:

  • Routine blood tests
  • Routine health checks
  • Coil checks/changes
  • Ring pessaries
  • Minor surgery
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Insurance reports
  • Medicals
  • DVLA/HGV medical examinations
  • Non-urgent paperwork

6. When will I receive my at risk letter?

As advertised, patients who are in the 'at risk groups' will be receiving a letter indicating that they need to self-isolate for 12 weeks. These letters are being sent by NHS England and not the surgery and we are unable to tell you when you will receive it. 

Please don’t shout at your GP staff or pharmacy staff when they can’t do these things, because remember we will still make sure you get the medication you NEED and we will still provide the best possible care - over the phone/video or face to face if absolutely necessary.

If you have a query about medication during this outbreak and if you should take them please visit our medications FAQ page here.

Every single person who sets foot in a healthcare setting from now on is sadly entering a high-risk environment- why would you? Please stay safe.